About Us

Our online store is mainly sports brand, Professional Authentic Purchasing. JNJ promises you, all the products are Purchase from Official Store. Our aim is to use our sincerity to make you buy at ease, comfortable, happy, and wish you a happy shopping.

We have more than 20 purchasing teams:~

  • Vietnam, Indonesia, China, Taiwan, USA, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Shanghai, Hongkong etc.

Rules and regulations

  1. Pre order between 7-10 working days, After order, Team will try their best to purchase it. It is 100% Authentic! If there is no way to find the Products size, we will Full Refund or consider other styles.
  2. Goods will be inspected by the customs at any time. It will take about 20 working days to process (not including weekend). NO urgent orders, NO refunds will be accepted.
  3. Delivery time? Due to the extremely long purchasing process, it usually takes 2-3 days from order to store to delivery. If you encounter special circumstances, it takes 1-5 days.
  4. Our comprehensive delivery rate is above 90%, there may be cases where we can’t ship the goods. If you are out of stock, we will notify you the first time, refund or exchange, about the speciality of purchasing, I hope you can have more An understanding,
  5. Please inbox admin for orders and Enquiries. We will update regularly for stock arrival time.



我们网店为主打运动品牌,专业正品代购,JNJ为您承诺,所有的货品是从官方商店购买. 我们的宗旨是用我们的真心让您买到放心,舒心,开心,祝您购物愉快


  • 越南,印尼,中国,台湾,美国,韩国,日本,泰国,上海,香港等等.


  1. 预订时间在于 7-10 天工作日, 下单汇款后, 团队会去尽能力去购买 , 绝对是正品保证! 如果中途没有办法找到鞋码,我们会全额退款或者可以考虑选择其他的款式.
  2. 货物不幸时随时中途会被海关检验,基本上需要二十个左右工作日才会到达(不包括拜六礼拜假期),不接急单,不接受退款.
  3. 我们的综合发货率在90%以上, 可能存在瑕疵无法发货的情况, 如遇到缺货,我们会第一时间通知您,退款或者换货, 关于代购的特殊性,希望您能多一份理解.
  4. 我们的综合发货率在90%以上, 可能存在瑕疵无法发货的情况, 如遇到缺货,我们会第一时间通知您,退款或者换货, 关于代购的特殊性,希望您能多一份理解.
  5. 如果您喜欢哪一个产品可以直接联系我询问, 货物到达后会第一时间更新,我们将会尽可能的把货物在短时间内发完